Raising Customer Service Levels Amidst A Labour Crunch

A teenager went to a clothes shop to buy a clip-on tie. The assistant explained they didn’t stock clip-on ties but enquired what it was for. It turned out to be for a job interview. The assistant solved the problem, taught the teenager how to “knot” a regular tie and then even went on to practice interview questions with him. That’s customer service at its best.

We all know that customer service matters, but in the B2B world, the customer experience relies on more than just the actions of a single member of staff. It is dependent on hitting clearly defined and agreed on service levels.

In recent times, Covid-19 has made that hard to achieve. But customers can be unforgiving and if your service levels suffer or don’t improve, then in spite of the challenges, you risk seeing customer attrition.

In the Manufacturing Space, Singapore now faces a labour crunch. As the supply of foreign talent becomes scarce, companies in Singapore are left with a reduced workforce and must find ways to overcome this problem. Paired with the current material shortages and increasing costs due to high demand, SMEs are struggling to maintain customer satisfaction while ensuring their business stays afloat.

The high-tech manufacturing industry, one of Singapore’s main GDP contributors, while struggling with the unique challenges posed by the pandemic, also has inherent issues. Issues that can be addressed if manufacturers ask themselves these three questions:

  • How do I drive profitable growth?
    Businesses have a hard time making major decisions that will not only benefit the company internally but also increase their profits at the same time. A bad choice can lead to a decrease in profits and a drop in customer satisfaction. The balance between the right choice for your business and your customers is always a tricky thing to consider. That is why you should look for a digitally enabled solution that can offer the most services in one fully integrated system, allowing you to know what’s happening in the company in real time and provide insights on performance—leading you to make decisions that increase your profits and avoid losses.

  • How do I increase operational efficiency?
    Operational efficiency is important for any business but especially to players in the manufacturing industry. If even one part of a company’s operations is inefficient, it can lead to a delay in all other areas, resulting in disappointment on the customer’s side and an overall decrease in productivity of the business. Just because your organisation has reached a goal does not mean that it has achieved operational efficiency. It is important for you to invest in a solution that provides up-to-date information and streamlines your business process—one that can increase your business efficiency at a reasonable cost.

  • How do I raise customer service levels?
    The key to success for any business is customer satisfaction. Businesses are always trying to come up with ways to increase customer service levels to ensure their customers stay happy. From sourcing and procuring of materials to delivery, it all plays a role in the end-product and the reaction of your customers. If customers are unsatisfied, a business has problems retaining existing customers and gaining new ones. Be sure to make choices that will lead to positive outcomes from your customer’s perspective. Find solutions for your business that give you the power to react quickly to the changes in supply and demand to reduce stock-outs and provide reliable delivery dates.

SAP Business ByDesign provides you with a full suite of end-to-end business processes to streamline your entire business, from sales to manufacturing to finance. It is built for the growth of your business, providing insightful native analytics which supplies your company with real-time information to track the pulse of your business. Business ByDesign also includes 49 years’ worth of Manufacturing Best Practices developed from prior experiences of companies within the industry.

ISS Data, Singapore’s leading solution provider of SAP Business ByDesign, can provide the necessary solutions for your business to overcome these issues. With the help of ISS Data, companies undergo a business transformation, becoming more nimble to ensure profitability, resiliency, and sustainability—reducing your dependency on labour-intensive processes.

The only way for businesses to survive and thrive in the current climate is to embrace digitalisation and automate existing business processes. As the digital core of a business, Business ByDesign has automation capabilities to help businesses transform.

In line with the Singapore government’s efforts to increase the productivity of SMEs,  ISS Data can help you adopt the best Business ByDesign technologies for your business to be fully prepared for future challenges.


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