2021 Press Releases

October 21, 2021

Workday Introduces Workday Everywhere, a More Immersive Digital Experience for Employees

Workday, Inc., a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, announced Workday Everywhere, packaged connectors that bring Workday tasks and insights directly into digital workspaces to help organisations elevate their employee experiences. With Workday Everywhere, employees can quickly access Workday in their natural flow of work, without having to toggle between different applications. Employers can use Workday Everywhere to deliver a simple and connected experience that improves employee productivity and engagement.

As the latest Workday employee experience offering, Workday Everywhere supports an ongoing effort to increase engagement with an open and frictionless experience that meets people where they are by bringing the power of Workday to them in their digital environment. With Workday Everywhere, Workday continues to advance in its journey that started with Workday for Microsoft Teams and Slack to create more intuitive experiences for the Workday customer community of more than 55 million workers.

Advancing Employee Experience Initiatives for the New World of Work
New retention and productivity challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent hybrid work models have prompted organisations to adopt technologies capable of supporting their workforces in more meaningful ways. This has become a priority for chief human resources officers (CHROs) and chief information officers (CIOs) looking to provide the best experiences possible for their people — many of whom are now spending most of their day in a digital workspace. Workday Everywhere enables a borderless experience where employees can access Workday from a broad range of environments, including collaboration tools, intranets, applications, and employee experience platforms such as Microsoft Viva.

With Workday, CHROs and CIOs can work together to create more impactful experiences that are tailored to individual needs and agile enough to adapt to changing conditions.

Customers using Workday Everywhere also benefit from:

  • Improved Employee Productivity and Wellbeing. Using machine learning (ML) for personalisation and prediction, Workday Everywhere seamlessly surfaces the right information, tasks, insights, and recommendations to employees when they need them — anticipating what actions may need to be taken or what items require attention at that moment. For example, an employee could be proactively notified if they have not taken time off in the last six months, with a suggestion that they consider a break or vacation, to promote wellbeing and engagement at work.

  • More Efficiencies for Greater Engagement. Employees can access Workday data and tasks — from anywhere, at any time — without having to leave the digital workspace, intranet, or collaboration tool they are using. For instance, on a mobile device, a person could take a photo of a receipt, then create and submit this expense item in Workday while within the Slack interface.

  • Simple and Secure Integration. Workday Everywhere is simple to set up and enables CIOs to easily bring Workday into their existing IT ecosystem. All data is transmitted between Workday and the user with the same security and data privacy standards customers expect from Workday applications.

Comments on the News
“Forward-thinking CHROs and CIOs around the world rely on Workday for the right data, insights, and technology to shape their employee experiences,” said Jeff Gelfuso, chief design officer, Workday. “By designing Workday Everywhere with people at the center, we’ve made it effortless to communicate, access information, and complete tasks in Workday from any digital environment — all without interrupting the flow of work. We will continue to invest in delivering great experiences for our customers to help them improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and belonging, as well as business outcomes.”

“Employee experience is now a top priority for CEOs around the world, yet the proliferation of tech platforms makes this difficult,” said Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and dean, Josh Bersin Academy. “Workday Everywhere is a brilliant strategy that lets employees access Workday from any platform, making life easier for workers, managers, HR, and IT.”