Reducing risk of data loss and system downtime

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In today’s “always online” business environment, success depends on a business' ability to protect and make available its systems, applications and associated data. IT is at the center of protecting these assets and making them available. Unfortunately, as important as this protection and availability might be to the business, IT budgets are not growing and businesses are creating more data and deploying more applications, operating systems or platforms. In addition, finding the time in the 24x7 business day to properly ensure these systems are protected and the demands of the business are met with respect to recovery times and points in the event of a disaster.
With the increasing demands of the business, time and budget constraints along with the complexity of systems and infrastructure architecture, IT departments face a daunting task every day. The solutions chosen by IT to protect internal systems, applications and data should not add to the complexity and challenges of meeting the everyday demands of the business. IT requires solutions that are not only simple to deploy, use and fit into their budgets, but most importantly make systems, applications and data available anywhere, anytime and anyway possible.
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