Cristie Software Recovering South Asia One Machine at a Time

Cristie Software recently established a South East Asia office in Kuala Lumpur and appointed Andrew Martin as their new VP for the region. We caught up with Andrew to find out more about Cristie and their plans for the region.

DSA – Lets cut to the chase, Bare Machine Recovery (BMR) is an old technology and most major players have a BMR offering so what is special about Cristie.
Andrew – I would agree BMR is well established, but that does not make it any less relevant.  Recovering physical machines in quick time is more relevant today than it has ever been before.  Cristie is unique in that we have products that are integrated with TSM from IBM, Networker and Avamar from EMC and also Simpana from CommVault. We use the backups created by those products to affect a Bare Machine Recovery, so that no separate BMR backup process is required.
We also have our own standalone product CBMR that runs independently of any other backup product.
All of our products run Windows, Solaris, Linux and Unix.  We are the most complete Bare Machine Recovery company around today.

DSA – With Server Virtualisation becoming so common isn’t the market for BMR going to come to an end?
Andrew – The first point to note is that there are still a lot of applications running on physical machines and we don’t see that ending any time soon. However our key point is that we offer complete flexibility, it’s true that VMs offer excellent recoverability, but it’s not all about P2V or V2V recovery. Machine recovery may mean Virtual back to Physical and increasingly it may mean Physical or Virtual to Cloud.  Cristie has an aggressive development path that deals with this evolving need.

DSA – Do customers in South Asia understand the need for BMR?
Andrew – I have been working in Asia since 2007. In all of that time I have been very focused on Disaster Recovery and High Availability. Corporate and Government IT professionals have a very clear and strong understanding of these concepts. I have found when I discuss Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) the vast majority of IT staff understand RTO very well. However, where I see South Asia lag behind is willingness to spend money on solving RTO objectives. It is far more common here than in Europe for example that companies invest in BMR technology only after they have experienced a real world situation having to rebuild a server after a crash.

DSA – Does Cristie have a role to play in the hype around Big Data?
Andrew - Cristie is not a Big Data company but Big Data does create more opportunities for us. Big Data demands compute flexibility; data collection and processing can demand extra compute power at any time and Cristie are experts in machine recovery and migration. The demands of Big Data may mean you need to move from physical on premise computing to cloud based compute power and possibly move back at other times. With our Clone Manager technology we can seamlessly migrate servers within and between Physical, Virtual and Cloud environments.

DSA – Who do you see as your competitors?
Andrew - Of course there are other companies that have BMR technology and by default these are competitors.  However when it comes to fast recovery there are many options. We focus on the recovery of the machine itself, even though we are also able to offer file and application recovery, there are others for whom that is their strength.  When it comes to machine migration and recovery, Cristie are unique in being totally focused in that area. I always say to our prospective customers, understand your recovery needs especially your RTOs, know your budget then decide on the best technology fit.

DSA – what are your plans for Cristie in South Asia?
Andrew - We have opened a small office in KL in order to offer local sales, marketing and technical support to our partners and customers. Our first aim is to provide strong local support and training for our existing users, next we will look to expand our reach through partners and SI’s across the region

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