EMC addresses specific industry requirements with Data Lake 2.0

Christoph Theisinger, Vice President – SE, Asia Pacific & Japan

EMC Corp has quite recently unveiled its next generation Isilon Scale-out NAS Data Lake, which includes new products, features and capabilities that allow enterprises to scale easily to edge locations as well as to public clouds.
The new products, — IsilonSD Edge, the next generation of Isilon OneFS and Isilon CloudPools — enhance the Data Lake by allowing unstructured data to be available not only within the core datacentre, but also at datacentre edge locations such as remote offices and archived in the cloud.
Designed to offer a more efficient Data Lake, the new Isilon solutions consolidate multiple workloads and allow users to access and analyse data from all locations.
DataStorageAsean recently posed some questions to Christoph Theisinger, Vice President – SE, Asia Pacific & Japan at EMC, to learn more about the new announcement.
DataStorageAsean: What are some of the challenges faced by enterprises today in order for them to connect unstructured data at the core, the cloud and the edge?
Christoph Theisinger: Organisations are experiencing unprecedented unstructured data growth. In the next five years information is expected to grow 500% – while IT budgets remain at a 15% growth trajectory in the same five-year period. As a result, IT must find new and more cost effective ways to increase productivity for knowledge workers. With the data growth that is happening everywhere, knowledge workers are relying on mobile devices for collaboration and decision support.
This means that enterprises are managing an increasing amount of data in more locations: 53% of enterprises have over 100 branch locations (as compared to 30% in 2011). 42% of organizations have more than 25 TB per branch office (as compared to 15% 2011).
The first iteration of our data lake solution was designed to help enterprises evolve analytics beyond the traditional data warehouse and eliminate the complexity of ETL (extract, transform, load) by supporting multiple protocols/interfaces such as File, HDFS, Swift. Our approach was optimised around a single location (a single datacentre). It delivered a lot of value to our customers. The obvious next step is a distributed architecture to match the distributed nature of Enterprises and their data.
DataStorageAsean: What are the major updates users can expect in Data Lake 2.0 as opposed to the earlier version?
Christoph Theisinger: The Data Lake 2.0 strategy is expanding the data lake to the edge and to the cloud, while maintaining simplicity and ease of management.
This is made possible by three tremendous innovations:
·      The next generation of Isilon OneFS, OneFS.NEXT brings several significant enhancements and new features such as seamless rollback and continuous service capabilities to ensure enterprise level SLAs for data lakes at Petabyte scale.
·      Isilon Edge SD is a 100% software-defined Isilon release enabling the enterprise to extend the edge of the data lake driving increased productivity for knowledge workers at the edge, seamlessly integrated with the core.
·      Isilon Cloud Pools are extending the data lake with public cloud or private object stores beyond the 50PB cluster size. The extension to a cloud provider is simple and completely transparent to end users.
We have also made it very easy to get started, like all EMC software products, Isilon Edge SD is available “Free and Frictionless” for download to try!
DataStorageAsean: Does version 2.0 address specific industry requirements? Why and how?
Christoph Theisinger: Yes, many industry specific use cases will become feasible from the ability to expand to the edge and into the cloud. Connected devices and sensors generate huge amounts of data (IoT). Proximity to the data lake at the edge is an enormous benefit for all aspects of product development, manufacturing as well as customer support and product maintenance. While data is created locally, it needs to be visible and available to be analysed globally. That’s exactly what Data Lake 2.0 delivers. 
4. Do you think the time is right for EMC to be introducing the enabling technologies for version 2.0? Wouldn’t the ongoing Dell-EMC merger have an impact to this latest announcement? Would users want to wait for the merger to be completed before they even want to consider these new solutions?
Christoph Theisinger: Data Lake 2.0 is the next step of a highly successful and highly innovative solution, delivering a tonne of value to our customers. Customers seeking to gain value and critical business insight from big data are definitely not going to wait. These initiatives are super strategic and timing is critical.
We are all excited about the merger and the impact you will see is going to be greater customer reach to advance our leadership, not only in the Data Lake space. All official communication on the Dell EMC merger can be found at http://www.emc.com/futureready and I’d encourage you to take a look at the info.
DataStorageAsean: Do you see any other competitors providing similar technologies today and how are yours different from the competitors?
Christoph Theisinger: Almost every IT vendor in the world is offering big data solutions and we see that the term “data lake” is about to turn into a category. However, we believe that we have a massive edge over anyone in this space – EMC Isilon is already the recognised leader in scale-out NAS storage, and we are also established and widely regarded as a leader in Cloud, Big Data and in Hadoop analytics.
EMC is yet again demonstrating its continued leadership in cloud and Software-Defined Storage solutions through these solutions that will allow enterprises to scale easily to edge locations, optimise the core datacentre as well seamlessly connect to the cloud.  
In other words, we are giving customers what they need to succeed in today’s information-driven economy: efficiency, agility, and the ability to harness data assets across their organisation more effectively for new insights. 

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