Juniper Networks promotes Instant Evolution

The ability of an organisation to evolve quickly depends upon the ability of the network to be compatible with today’s and tomorrow’s technology.
In other word, the technology must be easy to manage, reduce complexity, deliver and act upon business changing intelligence. Only through these attributes a business will be faster, leaner and first to market.
Juniper Networks senior director of solutions for Asia Pacific Richard Bayliss said the new business model is one of instant evolution, which means the business can operate on any platform, any cloud and at any time.
“Instant evolution is the ability to adapt, innovate, and profit in record time. Getting there requires a new approach to data centre networks built on a simple, open, and smart infrastructure,” he added.
Bayliss points out that instant evolution bridges the gap between the market’s idea of innovation and organisations’ capability to deliver the reality. He stresses that embracing the digital age is not simply about selling goods and services online. Digitisation demands a major shift in business strategy, operations and sometimes revenue models.
“Undoubtedly, the data centre will play an implicit role in this model. But it needs to evolve with the demands of the business and the customers it serves.  At the core of your data centre is the network – a strategically important asset in helping your business evolve in any way it chooses. Choosing the right data centre networking solution will be critical to the future of your business.
“With a simple, open, and smart network in place, your organisation can evolve quickly and smoothly, with fewer risks and lower costs. The right network can ensure your business stays at the forefront of disruptive innovation and can pave the way for instant evolution,” he added.
According to Bayliss, it’s imperative that the data centre – and its underlying infrastructure – to keep pace with the demands placed upon it in a digitised world and can instantly evolve to stay competitive. 
“Too often an organisation’s ability to close the innovation gap is inhibited by the data center’s supporting infrastructure. In an era where consumers and organisations expect everything instantly and on-demand, having a data centre that can adapt at the speed of the market – and turn on new services or applications with the click of a button – is paramount. Yet, for this to be possible, the entire technology ecosystem within the data center needs to be capable of enacting change at a moment’s notice – the essence of instant evolution.”

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