Zerto CMO Gil Levonai Tells DSA That Asia is Ready For IT Resiliency

DSA had the privilege to speak with Zerto's Chief Marketing Officer, Gil Levonai with regards to their APJ expansion plans at the ZertoCon Local 2017 event held in Taiwan today.

Zerto has been rolling out ZertoCon Local events across 20 cities throughout Asia. An extension of ZertoCon 2017 held in Boston earlier this year, ZertoCon Local brings some of the buzz of the premier industry IT resilience event to people across the world.

To a question on how he felt the turnout has been during the Asia ZertoCon Local events, Gil says he was quite surprised that the turnout has been so strong. “From what we see in the training that is going on now, it’s a very good turnout,” he offered while saying he had also attended the Hong Kong event a few days earlier which showed the same strong turnout. “For me it’s very good to be in these regions. Being new on our map, they are not developed and very innocent. Like in Taiwan, there is no local person here, we see the level of partners attending and prospects who are showing up, as a very good sign of an early start that will develop into something big,” he said.

To a question on the market readiness to receive IT resiliency, Gil feels strongly that there is no question the market is ready for it. “We as customers don’t accept downtime anymore. We don’t accept disruptions to what we do. We’ve been spoilt by corporations like Baidu, Google or Facebook. We are being spoiled into believing that everything is there all the time anytime we need. So, when our bank is down or a shipping company goes down for a whole week, we lose all our appreciation for that business.”

He explained this is why Zerto call IT resiliency and not business continuity. According to Gil, disruption can happen from both good and bad scenarios. For instance, being hit by a power outage your business will be disrupted and that’s a bad reason. He continued  “How about if you’re trying to merge between two companies. Your customer is going to expect no disruption to their business. Same too if you’re moving to the cloud. From the customers point of view, it must be on all the time, 24/7. They don’t care what’s going on in the back ground. That’s what you call resilience. It is the ability to handle change, whether it’s happening because of a bad reason or a good reason,” he shared.

On a different note, Gil shared details about telco partners who are evolving their business models and starting to work with Zerto. “When you look at the companies who are IT providers per- se, Like Amazon or Azure, they have much better offering for the customers. All these Telcos that have big contracts for IT outsourcing, are losing the contracts to the newcomers. So, there is a big battle going on with the big guys,” he said adding that some of these big name Telcos are their partners and it will be interesting to see which ones successfully weather the storm.

Gil believes that Zerto has good focus in the Asian region and the results are clear to see with successful events like ZertoCon local being a good indicator at the same time he also recognises there is more to achieve. “We are just starting in the region, with a very small footprint right now, but I am a true believer that the biggest awareness builders are happy customers,” he said adding that through the customer experience and word of mouth, they can grow the awareness better than putting up a billboard.

“Eventually what the customer is looking for is to avoid disruption. What changed is that from an IT perspective has evolved in the last few years. For instance, if I talked about the cloud 4 to 5 years ago, the customer would probably say they would never move to cloud. But today, everyone is either moving there, planning to move there or already there. So, the market is changing but the drive for what they are trying to do is not changing.”

Zerto he said is looking to be a leader in IT resilience, to help protect manage and mobilize all of the customers business applications in any location. Gil says they are expanding the product as they go to address that need while moving into new areas such as analytics use cases and working with Amazon and Azure to improve their customer experience with them.

“We are trying to expand in every way to provide the customer with the full single platform that can cater for all of their resilience needs.” 

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