5 Reasons Why You Need Orchestrated DR capability

In today’s always-on business climate, backup alone is not enough. People expect systems to be running 24/7 and downtime is just unacceptable as it can put a business at a competitive disadvantage. There's no denying that backup is important, but in today's world, it is also a given; The real challenge is having protection that provides robust and rapid recovery.

The reality is that systems do fail, data does get corrupted, cybercriminals do break into systems and users do make mistakes. So, having a failsafe way to rapidly recover from these kinds of outages is critical. DR orchestration solves this problem and here are five reasons why you need orchestrated disaster recovery.

Firstly, DR orchestration allows you to achieve more aggressive RTOs. Imagine being able to recover your entire data centre with just a click, from shutting down source VMs, powering on replica VMs, sequencing recoveries and more. You will be able to achieve an aggressive RTO as the entire process will be orchestrated and automated.

Next, your business will have far more operationally efficient DR at scale. This allows you to amend your recovery workflows as your production environment changes. Your IT staff will not have to worry much as the applications and data are automatically backed up and protected when in the failed-over state at the DR site.

An orchestrated DR will also enable you to reliably recover entire applications.  Businesses are empowered to test and recover their environment not just at the VM layer, but at the application layer as well. There’s no limit to the number of scripts that can be run, allowing you to completely customise your DR experience.

Internal and external compliance regulations matter most to a recovery plan. How you protect your data, where and how long you keep your data, as well as the maximum time you can allow for downtime, are just some of the regulations and compliance issues you need to deal with. With an orchestrated DR, you are able to automatically prove compliance. It allows you to build and test a plan with these requirements and also have reporting and documentation automatically created, updated and published based on environment changes.

Most importantly, you can access DR resources anywhere with an orchestrated DR capability. Orchestrated DR gives you the flexibility to access your DR environment and orchestration plans at any time, any place and on any device, as long as you have an internet connection.

Veeam specialises in disaster recovery and backup. The Veeam Availability Orchestrator v1 introduced a purpose-built orchestration and automation engine for Veeam-powered replicas, helping organisations overcome the core challenges of business continuity or disaster recovery.

Following the success of the first version, the Veeam Availability Orchestrator v2 was released recently. With new features and functionality, the v2 extends the power of orchestration and automation to restores from Veeam backup based on traditional tools only available for complex and expensive replication-based protection.

To find out more Veeam Availability Orchestrator v2, click here.

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