How to choose the most suitable SD-WAN for your organisation?

The market for SD-WAN is expected to keep growing over the years to solve WAN bandwidth limitations and improve the user experience for remote access or cloud-based applications. Network engineering and operations leaders are looking to make a transition from the traditional wide area network (WAN) to software-defined wide area network architectures in order to support the continuous usage of business-critical, cloud-based applications and tools. Although SD-WAN offers unique elements such as connectivity options, performance gains, and a cost advantage over traditional WANs, there are certain selection and deployment considerations in order to truly benefit from the transition.
So, which SD-WAN will best suit your organisation without compromising network performance and end-user experience?
For that, you need to consider various factors such as Simplicity, Costs, Application Awareness, Threat Protection and Security Performance. In this blog, you soon realised that not all SD-WAN solutions are created equal, and considerations that you should take note when taking on the journey in SD-WAN selection and deployment.
The SD-WAN you are looking for must be simple and easy-to-use. It should be manageable to troubleshoot when encountered with any issues, as well as easy to manage across the branches, which would put less burden on those with limited IT staff. SD-WAN solution should also operate as a “single pane of glass” in the operations and performance across the business, users and cloud environments. This ensures that.

Looking at costs, you will want to consider investing in the cost-effective options that avoid the need for complex integration of multiple components when deploying SD-WAN, which is more likely to drive up the cost of adoption and operation in the long term.

Application Awareness
The network will need to able to identify and classify applications through a native secured connectivity and applying the appropriate optimisation technique to ensure bandwidth utilisation are at optimal without compromising user experience.

Threat Protection 
With the many sophisticated and evolving threats out there, it is important to choose an SD-WAN solution that provides necessary connectivity, security and protection capabilities without the complexity. It is important that while evaluating the available SD-WAN options, independent and unbiased third-party reports (NSS Labs) are also being reviewed.

Security Performance
As security should always be a priority for your organisation, the deployment of your SD-WAN solution should not focus solely on the cost of connectivity and application performance. Instead, it should provide holistic improvement to your WAN efficiency and deliver greater visibility to security.

In conclusion, remember the factors mentioned above when going through the process of choosing the SD-WAN solution that best suits your organisation and to get the most out of your WAN experience. Fortinet delivers you all the above with Secure SD-WAN, that not only delivers WAN connectivity that is inherently secure, improve on branch network efficiency while simplifying security with proven capabilities and compliance risk management workflows.

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