Microsoft Azure leading the public cloud race

Microsoft remains the most popular supplier of public cloud services. According to a survey of tech executives at large companies by Goldman Sachs last month, Microsoft could continue to gain cloud market share even as Amazon is leading the market overall in terms of revenue.

With Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella focusing the company more on cloud services, the company could see further cloud growth in the industry.  

Goldman Sachs based its latest findings on an information-technology spending survey of 100 IT executives at Global 2000 companies. It performs the survey each June and December.

The latest survey showed that 56 executives are using Azure for cloud infrastructure, versus 48 using AWS. Across cloud infrastructure and platform as a service put together, Microsoft’s lead which has been increasing since December 2017, according to analysts. Additionally, more respondents expect their companies to be using Azure than any other cloud in three years, analysts wrote.

The results lead the analysts to conclude that about 23% of IT workloads are now on public clouds, up from 19% in June, and they expect this to reach 43% in three years.

Google, which came in third place for cloud infrastructure vendors is expected to see growth as well in the future.

Interestingly, there is still a lot potential market share to go around. The cloud services market is expected to reach a value of up to US$ 1 trillion.

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