Pure Storage Releases New Offerings for the Hope of an All-Flash Future

The basic stance of all major businesses these days relies upon the demands of customers. It’s a solid business model hinging upon the needs of the market. With the pandemic being as disruptive as it has been, companies are looking to maintain and even lower their IT spend while leveraging the power of data to propel their digital transformation.

Building on the needs of their customers, Pure Storage has recently unveiled three new developments within its data offerings for DevOps engineers. Pure Fusion and Portworx Data Services are new releases to their product line, while Pure 1 has gained new upgrades. In a recent media briefing, Andrew Sotiropoulos, Pure Data’s APJ Vice President, discussed Pure Storage’s strategy in staying ahead of their competitor’s while ensuring their customer satisfaction.

The all-flash data storage company shared with the media; their multi-year strategy that has been created to address three specific market trends. Pure Storage plans to deliver a unified cloud operating and procurement model, enable modern cloud-native applications built on containers, and drive the modernisation of today’s infrastructure, focusing on the all-flash future. Their tagline of ‘modern data experience’ extends to modernising applications, operations, and infrastructure.

Advancements to Pure 1, their already established AI-driven platform, will carry the weight of their two new releases. Now, what exactly is fresh on their unified management portal? Matt Oostveen, Vice President & CTO of Pure Storage APJ, detailed new updates such as proactive recommendation, malicious attack remediation and advanced container integrations. Matt shares that the advanced container integrations are unique to Pure Storage alone in their attempts to ease processes for developers. 

With the first of their two new releases, Pure Storage is delving into storage-as-code. Pure Fusion, their self-service managed platform, will bring a cloud-like experience to users even on traditional storage. The autonomous storage-as-code platform provides what it claims modern storage needs to be with invisibility, scalability, intelligence, and speed. Matt shared the impact this will bring to storage administrators as they can work much closer with business aspects and developers in aiding a business’s bottom line. 

The second of their new releases comes in the form of Portworx Data Services. With their acquisition of the Kubernetes Data Services Platform in 2020, Pure Storage has been working to provide its customers with the complete set of Kubernetes storage choices. Portworx Data Services will be the first Database-as-a-Service platform for Kubernetes. The platform will ensure software developers don’t need to become experts on the database application they need to build on. 

Overarchingly, the theme of Pure Storage’s new developments and releases revolve around the ease of developers. Throughout the media briefing, the storage company representatives emphasised the needs and want of developers today of focusing on simplicity.

General availability of their Portworx Data Services will be available commercially in their next financial year, with details of pricing yet to come. 

When asked what differentiates Pure Storage from its other competitors on the market, Andrew states “it’s a stack. When you look at the fact that we’re an all-flash storage vendor, we have our Evergreen product which takes away from the need to have forklift upgrades and is driven by simplicity and ease of use, then we have Pure 1, which we’re making advancements to with Fusion, Portworx – that stack around data and the management of that data on a platform that is built off of performance and reliability is what differentiates us from our competition.” 

The driving factor for Pure Storage seems to be the need of their customers for simplicity and upgrade without interruptions. It will be interesting to see their future offerings with those aims in mind.

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