2019 Press Releases

September 10, 2019

Infomina Powering the Mainframes at the Core of the Digital Economy

Infomina Sdn Bhd Announce Regional Distribution Agreement with Broadcom’s CA Technologies Covering SEA, Hong Kong & Taiwan
Kuala Lumpur, July 24 2019: Infomina Sdn Bhd, the Malaysian mainframe specialization company has entered a partnership with Broadcom’s CA Technologies as their regional distributor for S.E. Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Managing Director of Infomina Yee Chee Meng said “You can trace the history of the mainframe back to the 1950’s. People are often surprised to learn just how vital mainframe technology is to the modern digital world. The truth is that mainframes provide the power, reliability and security that underpins today's online financial systems. Believe it or not, mainframes process around 30 billion transactions per day and around $7 trillion in credit card transactions every year.”

Chee Meng continued, “The mainframe is not only here to stay, but it is also at the very core of the digital economy. With that said, the skills and experience to support mainframe systems are in short supply, and that’s where Infomina comes in.”

According to Gartner Market Insight, 75% of organisations will have deployed a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud by 2020. Enterprises know the importance of relying on the hybrid and multi-cloud in the digital economy. The key to having a solid system in their journey required the ability to master the IT architecture, especially the mainframe. By architecting the mainframe to be an integrated and agile platform within an IT landscape, enterprises can be successful in the digital economy.

CA Technologies provides the mainframe through Infomina to their customers in three different areas, which are DevOps and Application Development, Enterprise Security and Compliance, and Intelligent Operations and Management.

CA Technologies modernises the mainframe system through DevOps and Application Development with solutions like CA Brightside – the first cross-enterprise DevOps solution designed for teams to control, script and develop for the mainframe.

While mainframes are the most secure platform ever built, they are not impervious to cyber threats and regulatory mishaps. For Enterprise Security and Compliance, CA Technologies mainframe security product portfolio protects from threat detection to privileged access management.

The digital economy requires Intelligent Operations and Management, which IT operations need to deliver. Applying machine learning to IT operations management can speed service delivery, increase IT efficiency, drive innovation, lower costs and deliver a consistently superior user experience.

As a Tier-1 End Distributor and a partner to represent CA Technologies in the S.E Asia as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan, Infomina specializes in mainframe systems from implementation to best practices especially in enterprise management and application management.

With headquarters in Malaysia, and its long history of collaboration with CA Technologies, Infomina will begin looking into other nations in the region in the hope to engage existing and new mainframe users in all the regions where Broadcom operates.

“Broadcom’s commitment is to double down. They look at and leverage the players in the local ecosystem, forming partnerships to help them deal with local companies. Our partnership with Broadcom is about working together to manage the growing local business opportunity.”

Chee Meng explained “By working with CA technologies we are able to bring modern technology like machine learning to make operations more intelligent and efficient. Ultimately our aim is to help companies work smarter not harder”.

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