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2021 Press Releases

September 07, 2021

Intelligent Cloud-Network Based on IPv6+ to Drive Digital Transformation in APAC

Recently, the Asia Pacific Target Network Conference, titled "Consolidate Elastic Target Network, Unlocking New Digital Value," concluded online. This conference, hosted by Huawei, drew approximately 500 professionals from government agencies, standards organisations, enterprises, carriers, and industry mainstream vendors.

At this conference, Huawei collaborated with leading regional operators such as PLDT, Telkom Indonesia, Globe, and CMI, among others, to discuss the latest trends, standards progress, and innovation capabilities of "IPv6+."

Hank Chen, President of Router Product Line at Huawei, delivered the keynote speech on "Build Intelligent Cloud-Network Based on IPv6+ for Digital Transformation". In his keynote speech, Chen addressed that the intelligent cloud network built based on "IPv6+" capabilities will promote the digital development of individuals, enterprises, and households and enable carriers to succeed in business.

Carriers' ICT infrastructure has become the foundation for digitalisation, thanks to the rapid development of the digital economy. In the Asia Pacific region, more and more businesses are accelerating their digitalisation efforts, with cloud spending increasing at a rate that exceeds 34%. Individual user migration to next-generation mobile networks has been accelerated. The average DoU has increased by over 70% in the past year. Both home broadband services and private lines are developed to be interactive. The traffic of high-value services such as HD video and remote office services are increased by 10 times. The comprehensive development of fixed and mobile services will bring huge opportunities to carriers. The enterprise business is the biggest and most important opportunity, while individual and home services are the carriers' revenue stability cornerstones.

Carrier networks face many challenges, both for enterprise and consumer users. Traditional networks face challenges such as ultra-broadband evolution, refined operation, and reactive O&M to meet the requirements of massive user bearing. Slow cloud network splitting and provisioning, challenge service SLA assurance, and e-commerce O&M will all be issues for production networks. A next-generation cloud network with more converged transport, deterministic experience, and intelligent O&M features is required to address these issues.

Huawei's all-scenario integrated bearer solution and NetEngine series routers enable carriers to develop enterprise, individual, and home services.

The NetEngine series intelligent routers provide a full-service platform. The aggregation, metro, and backbone networks provide 400GE ultra-broadband capability with optimal power consumption per bit, implementing low-carbon IP networks.

Chen highlighted that the IP industry is undergoing a huge change. The FMC and cloud-driven network architectures from connection-centric to cloud-centric further expands the connectivity and connection range of IP networks. Industry should be more active in practising application deployment of "IPv6+" capabilities, as well as promote the development of the "IPv6+" industry by using massive applications in mobile bearer, enterprise, smart healthcare, smart education, and smart home scenarios, assisting carriers in accelerating the construction of cloud network capabilities and inspiring the digital potential.