2021 Press Releases

November 23, 2021

New Relic and One Mount Collaborate to Help Drive Technological Ecosystem Growth

The observability company, New Relic, Inc., announced that it has signed an agreement with One Mount Group, a Vingroup member and strategic partner of Techcombank, to increase visibility across its tech stack as it accelerates its mission to build Vietnam's most trusted technological ecosystem.
Under the latest two-year contract, New Relic One will deliver enhanced observability throughout the company’s tech stack, providing a seamless end-to-end user experience to help them get past the “what” to uncover the “why”. With New Relic, One Mount will be able to swiftly identify issues within different infrastructure environments (Containerised, VM or Cloud) and correlate them with application performance to reduce MTTD (Mean Time to Detection) and MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution) for faster troubleshooting.
One Mount aims to develop innovative products and services that will raise and simplify Vietnamese customer experiences. The company introduced several digital platforms to fill in gaps in the market from the country’s first B2B2C channel, Vinshop - a dedicated retail app enabling independent shop owners to grow their business via tech enabled supply chain and inventory management; VinID - a super app that allows users to access several services from within the one app - and Vietnam's largest consumer loyalty program integrating many functions such as payments, housing management, goods purchasing, and financial services; and OneHousing - a one-stop-shop for all housing needs, supporting buying, selling, investing and other real-estate-related services.
Mr. Hung Dinh, Group Chief Information Officer, One Mount, said: “We are very excited to embark on this strategic partnership with New Relic. The capabilities of New Relic’s solutions are critical in helping us bring the best experience to our customers, delivering our promise to create the largest technological ecosystem in Vietnam. The strategic partnership also helps our team by leveraging expertise and best practices from New Relic, and this is instrumental for our long-term success.”
“In addition to APM we’re also exploring New Relic’s Logs solution and streamlining the monitoring tools and technologies to ultimately have a standardised full-stack observability platform” Mr. Hung added.
“With the enormous opportunities that lie ahead for One Mount, we look forward to continuing working closely with them to improve their operations and provide better visibility into their complex IT infrastructures as they deliver the best products and services for their customers and contribute to Vietnam’s economy. With New Relic’s solutions, One Mount will be able to proactively detect and resolve outages of their critical endpoints and generate greater insights that will enhance their customers’ digital experiences,” said Ben Goodman, Senior Vice President, Sales and general manager for New Relic Asia Pacific and Japan.