2022 Press Releases

January 14, 2022

XL Axiata Joins Forces with MoEngage to Provide Personalised Digital Experiences to Indonesia's 57 Million Subscribers

XL Axiata, the Indonesian subsidiary of the Malaysia-based telco group Axiata and one of Indonesia's largest mobile telecommunication providers, has teamed up with MoEngage to improve customer experience by bringing highly personalised contextualised, and engaging content to more than 57 million subscribers. 

XL Axiata will use MoEngage to drive multi-channel customer engagement through its AxisNet and myXL solutions as part of this agreement. XL Axiata now understands consumer behaviour better and actionable analysis because of MoEngage's insights-driven customer engagement platform.

With more than 185 million active users, 68% market penetration, and monthly average consumption of up to 30 GB (per user), Indonesia is among the top 10 countries worldwide for internet usage. The local telco landscape is dominated by unlimited data packages which often leaves the digitally-savvy user segments dissatisfied with imposition of data buckets, compromised speed, constantly changing benefits, and lack of low-data reminders. As a result, customers often use multiple SIM cards for various purposes, adding to the complexity.

The way forward is providing customers with what they want, both in terms of redefining data usage and offering a personalised digital experience. This is precisely the problem XL Axiata is trying to resolve by implementing MoEngage. 

By analysing the customer journey, XL Axiata can identify end-user friction points, fix them, and in turn, improve the experience and arrest churn. They can effectively greet their customers with relevant, moments-based messaging focusing on preferences, behaviour, or purchase history. MoEngage’s contextual AI-recommendation engine further helps XL Axiata optimise communication by sending the right message to the right customer at the right time and on the right channel.

Speaking of personalising customer experiences, Reza Mirza, Head Product and Design Services, XL Axiata, said, “‘Indonesia's digital economy is at a pivotal point as we see an influx of a new generation of digital consumers that value personalised experiences. We pride ourselves in delivering unparalleled offerings and services to our subscribers, and thus, have reached a stage where we do not only provide personalised offerings to customers who are aware of their needs but also resolve problems beyond their needs and wants. This is precisely where we believe this integration with MoEngage will come in handy."

On top of personalised and digital-first customer experience, XL Axiata’s decision to implement an insights-led engagement platform is primarily driven by its seamless integration abilities with existing tools in the martech stack viz. BI/CRM/CDP platforms. Apart from the customer-centric capabilities, ease of creating personalised campaigns, extensive support in streamlining execution strategies, MoEngage continuously develops feature enhancements customised to XL Axiata’s needs.

‘Innovative service providers like XL Axiata are reimagining communication by adopting real-time, scalable solutions to continuously improve customer experience and provide that much-needed personalised touch. We are extremely proud to partner with XL Axiata and look forward to helping them achieve best-in-class engagement and take their customer relationships to new heights’, said Raviteja Dodda, Founder and CEO, MoEngage Inc.