Analytics Solutions From Hitachi Data Systems

There are constantly new and improved ways for extracting information from data. However, identifying what data and which technologies will quickly yield the greatest analytical advantage requires expertise. Here is where Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) comes in to provide the hardware, software, professional services and methodology you need. With HDS It is possible to test-drive big data analytics for your business and uncover possible complications or concerns.

HDS applies a proof of concept approach to big data analytics that brings forward information you can use to improve cost efficiency and decision-making. They are able to deliver outcomes, recommendations through ROI, and specialized analytical tools that help drive success. While there are obstacles with big data analytics, they will be addressed through phases in analysing as many as five appropriate data types using various analytical skills.

Solutions include:

Pentaho Enterprise Data Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate full data analytics capabilities into your existing workflows
  • Simplify, accelerate and transform your data into actionable insights

Hitachi Streaming Data Platform (HSDP)

  • Gain real-time visibility into 'data in motion' for IoT and other applications
  • Achieve insights and perform actions anywhere on the solution network with geo-distributed analytics    

With Pentaho Enterprise Data Integration, you can provide any type of data with governance and deliver it with confidence to lines of business and customers in a scalable, collaborative and cost-effective way.

HDS supports the orchestration of the entire data pipeline, right from data source to analytic visualizations. It is a proven data integration and business analytics formula. Now you can easily integrate big data with all of your existing data to create agile and extensible data sources while simplifying custom analytics with open and extensible platforms with embed capabilities.
By having one tool for the entire data pipeline, the advantages are numerous.

Using Pentaho Enterprise Data Integration, you are able to prepare your data visually for analytics. Enterprise Data Integration is able to put all data at your fingertips without the complexity of coding, making it easy for business and IT users to access.

You can also run business analytics with the visual tools and apply dashboards and interactive graphical tools, displaying across multiple dimensions to make a clearer point. With this capability, IT resources will be more available for other functions.

The analytics provided by HDS will improve visibility while transforming raw data into a more actionable form. This can be done by integrating big data with existing resources using Enterprise Data Integration.

With this solution, it is easy to use a simple drag-and-drop tool that can move data into and out of big data stores. Also by supplementing and blending traditional structured data sources with semi-structured or unstructured data sources, the end user will benefit from deeper insights.

To get started with big data, you will learn how HDS solutions integrate, blend, process and analyse captured data. With Hitachi Hyper Scale-Out Platform and Pentaho Enterprise Data Integration, you will arrive at better decisions.

Pentaho’s Business Analytics allows you to dig down into detailed information through their Pentaho analytics solution.

To put your big data to work, Pentaho Enterprise Data Integration blends all existing and current data, powers big data orchestration, and embeds analytic insights so you will have the right information and at the precise time delivering those insights to the point of greatest impact.

With the Pentaho’s Evaluation Path, you will have the opportunity to test-drive Pentaho Enterprise Data Integration and Pentaho’s Business Analytics too see how it works in real-world terms and through your own data analytics requirements.

A word of caution though. Big data is not an IT exercise that happens in isolation. Whilst HDS provide the tools and the framework, there are two other components that are vital for the HDS, or any big data solution to deliver meaningful insights. First, the business MUST be completely committed to the implementation as ultimately it is the business and not IT that will be asking the questions of the data. Next, you must have clearly defined goals and aims at the outset.

You won’t get into a car and start driving before you know where you are headed, or buy a train ticket until you ascertain a destination. Similarly, big data is not something you can jump into and hope it will magically reveal hidden secrets. Using big data effectively is a quest, one in which you need to know what you are looking for before you start.

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